2023 Golf Tournament


Dear Friend of Guido Ministry:

“Please, Mr. Guido,” a weak, tired, and frail voice said to my brother Michael, “please send one of your ‘Seeds
From the Sower’ to my son in prison. He’s really a good boy, but he lost his way somehow and I think your little
book might be just what he needs.”

“I would be honored to do so,” he said. “But first, let’s just pause and pray for him right now.”
And, they did.

That phone call and sending that first “Seed” was the beginning of our Ministry to Prisoners over thirty-five
years ago.

For many years we sent hundreds of “Seeds” each month to prisoners. Then, one day we received a
letter from a prisoner stating how much hope the “Seeds” brought him. After thinking and praying about his
encouraging letter, I felt led to change the name of our monthly devotional to “Seeds of Hope.” Amazingly,
changing that one word made a tremendous impact on how prisoners viewed the “Seeds.” From that simple,
small beginning and then rewriting the Seeds to emphasize hope, we now mail “Seeds of Hope” and our
monthly newsletter, “Sowing and Reaping” to approximately 20,000 prisoners each month.

But the story does not end there. We now provide correspondence courses to prisoners with mentors who
review and respond to every student, have a group of ladies who write over 400 hand-written letters to every
prisoner who writes us, send hundreds of study Bibles and books, and pray for and with prisoners who phone
or write us. This fall, a prisoner who read and used the “Seeds” for years to conduct Bible studies and worship
services while incarcerated will enroll in Guido Bible College.

Here is a quote from a letter from a prisoner who has been incarcerated for over forty years and is serving
a life sentence:

“When I was growing up in Augusta, I used to watch The Sower on television. The other day I found a copy
of Sowing and Reaping and have decided to come back to the Lord and serve Him. Please put me on your
mailing list and enroll me in the Prisonary Training Course. I want to spend the rest of my time serving the
Lord.” (David B.)

From that simple, small, and to many, an insignificant beginning, the Guido Ministry to Prisoners has grown
beyond everyone’s greatest expectations. One of the greatest problems in prisons is the rampant use of illegal
drugs. Many are not aware of this problem, but it is severe and out of control. And many prisoners write to us
about wanting to overcome their addiction but there is no help for them or program available to assist them.
Having a deep desire to help those who want to break their addiction, I completed an extensive research
program to identify a suitable correspondence course to meet this need but could find none.

Part of my previous ministry was serving as the director of several recovery programs and as the director
of the Addiction Counseling Training Program at the University of Georgia. As I reflected on the extreme need,
I felt led to develop a correspondence course based on the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Step Program from
a Christian foundation using Scripture as the foundation and develop a workbook to assist prisoners who
want to get clean and sober. This workbook will be available to begin distribution to prisoners by January 1,
2024. An integral part of this program will be for prisoners to identify an “accountability partner” to share the
experience with them and work together to become and stay clean and sober.

Guido Ministries Annual Golf Tournament will be held FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, with registration/lunch at
noon and tee time at 1:00 pm at Willow Lake Golf Club in Metter, GA. All the proceeds from this golf tournament
will be used only for the prison ministry. The proceeds will not only be for the workbooks, but for providing a
copy of The Life Recovery Bible after an inmate completes the first three lessons as well as other materials to
assist and assure their sobriety once they become involved in the program.

This is a gigantic program, but we have a great God who, I believe, will enable and empower us to “serve
the least of these” in His Name and to honor and glorify Him.

I appeal to you and trust that you will join us for the tournament, or if you prefer, make a significant gift to help us
reach our goal of $50,000.00. Click here to go to a page where you can give your gift online.

Click here to download a printable registration card which you can mail in.

Or call 912-685-2222 to register, to give, or get more information!

Thank you and God bless you greatly!
Larry Guido

A small sample of the letters we get each day:

I would like to give you huge thanks and appreciation. I recently had the Chaplain here at the
prison I’m at give me your July 2023 Seeds of Hope and newsletter, and you are exactly the help and
guidance I need right now. Thank you very much! I would like to know if I can get an application to
sign up for the Prisonary courses you offer, as well as put on the mailing list to get the devotional
and newsletter?

Mr. Guido, First, I want to thank you for everything you do for me and all the inmates. I’m currently
in prison fighting depression, and anxiety. Before I started reading your Sowing and Reaping
newsletter, I was fighting this battle alone. Fighting depression and anxiety is the hardest fight of my
life, and it’s a daily fight, and it’s even harder alone. However, with your newsletters, devotional, and
God, and a wore-out Bible that I borrow to read, I’m no longer fighting alone, and my daily battle
gets easier. Thank you form the bottom of my heart and God bless you!

Hello! My name is Samantha and, at the moment, I am incarcerated. Our Chaplain hands out your
newsletter to us and I want to say thank you for all the inspiration. I am asking for an application so
that I may take the Prisonary Training Course.

Dear Larry, Thank you for the Seeds of Hope, I love them. I was a Satan worshiper for 29 years, got
saved at 39. I thank God for people like you. I sit in my cell sometimes and forget that I’m not alone,
that Jesus is with me always, thanks to you guys and all that you do to reminds me. I would love a
Study Bible to help me understand God’s Word more, so could you please send me one? I can’t send
any money, but if I could, I would. Please keep sending me Seeds of Hope and whatever else you can,
I would love to take your Prisonary Training Course if I can.

Click here to go to a page where you can give your gift online.