Prisoner Training Course

Training prisoners to become missionaries to other prisoners, like the Apostle Paul, is the goal of our Prisoner Training Course. Presently, there are 209 individuals enrolled in this three-phase course. Those who are accepted into the program must complete a lengthy application and be carefully screened prior to being accepted into the program. The three phases of the course are as follows: Understanding the Christian Faith; The Apostle Paul: The Man, His Message, and Mission; and Doing the Work of a Prisoner. 

Imagine, if you can, the immense impact these individuals will have as they share the message of God’s love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, salvation, hope, and eternal life with fellow prisoners. Our goal is to train each participant to become a “Paul-like” missionary who will be serving the Lord while in prison and beyond. Rather than “serving time,” they will be “serving the Lord” as His servants and witnesses as they interact with other prisoners.