Daily Devotionals


We had been traveling all night by train, moving rapidly toward our destination. Suddenly things turned upside down. Our passenger train was hit head on by a freight train. It was a frightening experience. Wreckage was all around us; people were screaming in pain. The crew was doing all they could to provide comfort until help arrived.

But God was protecting us, and we were uninjured. Fortunately, we were able to help others in their distress by doing whatever we could to assist those who were injured. Shortly after the accident, we discovered a little girl who was crying so we reached out to help her. She was pleading for water. Unfortunately, we had none. Suddenly, a man appeared out of the wreckage with a container of water and offered to share it with her.

As he gave her a cup of water, he said, “I’m sorry I’m not a doctor and cannot bandage your wounds. And, I am sorry there is no medicine available to ease your pain. But, I am thankful that I can give you what I have: water.” He gave her what he could, from what he had.

Jesus emphasized the importance of “a cup of water.” Read and hear Him say, “If anyone gives a cup of water in the name of the Messiah, that one will be rewarded!”

Our Lord did not ask us to do great things, just simple things. Jesus never left anyone with a need He could meet. He expects the same of us: “Give to others as I have given to you!”

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may our eyes, ears, and hearts be open to see and hear the needs of those around us. May we share Your love by sharing Your gifts. In Your Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  If anyone gives a cup of water in the name of the Messiah, that one will be rewarded. Mark 9:41