Daily Devotionals


It was a dream come true. Robert Gonzales had practiced hard and worked long hours to become the racquetball champion. Finally, the day came when he made it to the pro circuit and had an opportunity to play for the championship.

At match point he made a powerful shot into the front wall. The referee and linesman said it was good, and he was declared the winner. However, he stunned the crowd. He shook his head back and forth while talking to the referee and said, “That shot hit the floor first, and therefore I am not the winner.”

Sitting quietly after the match a reporter asked, “Why? Why did you admit that the ball hit the floor first?”

“Because it was the only thing I could do to maintain my integrity,” came the answer. “I can win another match, but I could never regain my integrity.”

Few things in life are as fragile as our integrity. It is our code of conduct, the very standard by which we live our lives and maintain our reputation.

However, there is more. Our reputation is who others think we are. But our character is who God knows us to be. Others may never realize that we have compromised our integrity. But God knows. And ultimately, finally, He is our judge and keeps the record.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may we remain close to You by reading Your Word, spending time in prayer and in fellowship with others as we guard our integrity. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  Don’t leave me to the mercy of my enemies, for I have done what is just and right. Psalm 119:121