Daily Devotionals


One of my memories from living on the coast in Monterey, California was the frustration of coping with fog. It would silently, often without warning, slip quietly in from the ocean and cover the area with a blanket of mist that severely limited one’s vision. Without warning, whether day or night, the fog would arrive and sometimes bring traffic to a complete stop. Fog lights were of no use because they could not penetrate the dense moisture. Then, suddenly, just as it had arrived, it would disappear as though it never existed..

“Beauty is deceptive,” wrote King Lemuel in the concluding verses in Proverbs. In fact, a more correct translation would be “fleeting” suggesting that it is “transitory” or even “temporary,” much like the fog, that without notice, comes and goes without any warning.

Although some have the illusion that “beauty” is a lifetime gift that will bring endless praise and constant attention, it is short-lived and passing. In this verse, it is described as being deceitful and fleeting because “it passes away and with it passes the hope of happiness that was based on it.”

“But a woman who fears – or who stands in awe of and worships’ – the Lord, is to be praised!” This “woman” who “fears the Lord” is not afraid of God. Rather, she is a “woman of God” who lives her life by following and applying the wisdom and truths contained in the book of Proverbs that describes the roles and responsibilities of being a God-honoring wife and mother.

And the results? She is “to be praised.” For what? Her spiritual beauty that comes from loving and worshipping and serving God.

Prayer: Father, few today understand “beauty” and “praise” as taught in Your Word. We ask that You reward and bring praise to wives and mothers who live by Your truth. Amen.

Scripture For Today: Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  Proverbs 31:30