Daily Devotionals


Imagine what it would be like to go to bed at night and wonder if the sun would be there to greet us in the morning. Or, to fear that the sun would stand still and scorch the earth because the universe lost its way. Or, to see a drought begin and worry that the rain will never come again.

We live in an orderly, predictable universe. It’s the way God created and planned it to be. It is, simply stated, a picture of a God who is faithful, dependable, reliable and trustworthy. Who He was yesterday He will be today and when the sun sets this evening, it will not go into hiding. It will rise again tomorrow because of the enduring faithfulness of a sovereign God.

Faithfulness is important because it gives us the assurance of stability and structure. It creates trust and the possibility of planning. Though we may not desire some of the “contents” that come with predictability, at least we can prepare for them.

God’s covenant with the children of Israel gave them the assurance of His faithfulness. Other gods were created by men but our God is the One who created man. He promised to guide, guard and grant us mercy, grace and salvation because of His great love for His creation.

“Wisdom” speaks of this God, to be sure. But, to be faithful to Him in all things and pass this wisdom on to children as mothers and mentors is something our God ordained to be an important priority in Christian homes. “She speaks with God’s wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” There is little doubt in God’s mind: Mothers matter!

Prayer: Father, we pray for Your strength and dignity to fill all who are called by You to be mothers and mentors. Lead them by Your Spirit to be God-centered. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:    She speaks with God’s wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Proverbs 31:26