Daily Devotionals


One of the great American authors, Alex Haley, had a picture on a wall in his office that attracted much attention. It always aroused the interest of his visitors because no one could understand the significance of the photograph to the writer.

On one occasion, a visitor with a perplexed look on his face asked, “Alex, why do you have a picture of a turtle sitting on the top of a fence post?”

Haley replied, “I try to remember how this turtle – me – got on the top of that post.”

Sometimes, perhaps most of the time for some of us, it is difficult to admit that if it were not for the help of others, we would not be where we are. From our earliest moments until this present hour, we are encouraged by nearly everyone to believe that “You can do it by yourself!”

Not so! We all need the help of others. Consider two words of advice from God. Speaking through the prophet Isaiah He said, “encourage one another with the words, ‘Be strong!’”

Each day God brings individuals into our lives who need help, encouragement, inspiration, an act of kindness, words of sympathy, or a look of empathy. He does this so we can help Him do His work in His world. It’s easy to encourage others by simply smiling and saying, “Be strong.”

Living life as one of Christ’s disciples, and doing the will of God, is to become a voice through which He speaks words of encouragement and a hand that He uses to help others.

Blessed is the Christian who enables others to “be strong!”

Prayer:  Father, may we take seriously the fact that You expect us to look to You for guidance and then reach out to others in love and mercy to show Your grace. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:      Everyone encourage one another with the words, “Be strong.” Isaiah 41:6