Daily Devotionals


Shortly after birth he became physically ill. Not long after that he developed some early childhood mental problems. He entered school two years late and was asked to leave three months after enrolling. The authorities felt he was “addled.”

Discouraged but not defeated, his mother began to teach him at home. Much to her surprise, he learned so fast that she finally gave up. When he was nine years old, she purchased a chemistry book and encouraged him to read it. He was fascinated with its ideas, purchased some chemicals and began mixing them together to see what might happen. Unfortunately, one of his experiments started a fire, and he burned down his father’s barn. Three years later a similar accident happened to a railroad baggage car.

Though deaf and considered by most to be “backward,” he became one of the world’s greatest inventors and was credited with 1,093 patents. Among his inventions are the motion picture camera, the phonograph, the long-lasting electric light bulb and what we now call industrial research parks. Thomas Edison did not allow any handicap or any person to stop him from doing what he was called to do. Because he persevered in spite of great obstacles, he was able to accomplish much.

We too can accomplish great and mighty things for God. Whatever He calls us to do we can do because His Word assures us that we can do “all things through Him.”

Prayer:  Father, we look to You for insight, inspiration and encouragement to do what You have called us to do. May we use our time, talents and treasures wisely. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Scripture For Today:  For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13