Monthly Prayers

Prayer For May 2022

Heavenly Father,

We are so grateful for Your Word that gives us guidance over our lives that we need so desperately. We are constantly faced with decisions that are overwhelming and seemingly beyond our understanding and wisdom. And we know that a wrong choice may bring dishonor to Your Name and cause disaster in our lives. So, we turn to You for direction as we lift our hearts in prayer.

We remember the words of Your Son when He said, “Those who recognize their need for My Father will receive His blessings and will inherit His Kingdom.” Even though it seems so simple, we often live in such a way that we do not stop and ask what that means before we do this or that – or whatever we are facing in life at the time – we go on without consulting You in prayer or seeking the right path from Your Word and then suffer the consequences that could have been avoided. When that happens, we cannot expect Your favor. May we learn to ask for Your guidance and seek Your direction from Your Word before we do anything at any time. We need to pause and pray and seek Your will.

Help us to keep Your Word in our heart so that we will not sin against Your Word and show that we are depending on You to protect us and empower us to live Godly lives. So, we ask for two things: Help us invest time in prayer and in knowing Your Word and applying it to our lives. And, secondly, that before we make a decision, we will talk with You and ask for Your strength and power to do what is pleasing in Your sight.

In Jesus’ Name, and for His sake, AMEN.