Daily Devotionals


The young boys in a Paris school felt that they had learned enough for one week and decided that they would go to the park that Friday afternoon. One of them picked up a pebble and began to tap it on a bench as he sat gazing across a bed of flowers. Intrigued, a boy at the other end of the bench kneeled down and put his ear to the board and was able to hear the tapping.

Smiling, he said to his friend, “I heard two gentle taps, a pause and then several loud taps.”

A doctor sat watching them with great interest. Suddenly he stood up with a distant look in his eyes as though he was trying to imagine something he had not seen before. At that moment an idea was born in his mind. Whenever he wanted to hear the sounds going on in a person’s body, he would place his ear above the organs he was trying to hear. Eventually, he wondered if it were possible to hear the sounds of a patient’s organs more clearly if he placed a hollow tube on the person’s body. From that idea, the stethoscope was born.

You and I are “God’s stethoscopes.” He has given us ears to hear the cries of those around us who are suffering and crying out for His hope, help, and healing. It is sad, however, that our ears are often “stuffed” with the noises of this world that we cannot hear their cries and help them find the solution to their problems through the love of God!

Prayer:  Lord, all around us are those who need someone to hear their cries, wipe away their tears, and share Your love. Help us to see, hear and help those in need. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right; his ears are open to their cries for help. Psalm 34:15